A Breakdown Of The Services Offered... 

  • Business Needs Assessment
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Business Set Up Review On Social Media
  • Training (IM, SM, Branding)

Before You Proceed To Order A Consulting Package, Please Download Your Contract pdf Below And Read Through For Clarity. 

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Business Needs Assessment On Social Media:

This will focus on finding out what the needs are in your business and what steps are needed to ensure things are put in place.

  • Brand Revamp: This entails a breakdown of your business operations on Social Media platforms.
  • Crisis Analysis: This will focus on the things that might bring ruin your brands reputation on Social Media. It'll also focus on sorting out the crisis that your business might have encountered already.
  • Marketing Review: Finding out what marketing strategies your business has been using to see how well it has worked and what needs to change.
  • Business Purpose On Social Media: This will involve digging deeper into the mind of the client to really find out why he/she wants to get on Social Media.

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Social Media Strategy:

This will focus on mapping out effective strategies for your business on Social Media.

  • Content Strategy for client's social platforms
  • Marketing Dos & Don'ts
  • Finding Partners to boost your brand
  • Platforms to operate on based on your brand structure
  • Areas of operation within each platform
One Time Payment Of $1,500 - Click below to place your order

Business Set Up Review On Social Media:

This will involve looking into the social accounts of clients to find out how they have been operating.

  • Marketing loop holes
  • Operation flaws by client or client's staff
  • Branding flaws on social media
  • Engagement with brand
  • Reviews and recommendations
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The internet has made the world become a global village, and there is more competition now than before. In order to get ahead, you need to learn what it takes to succeed online:

This training will provide the following:

  • Brand Establishment - How to create awareness of your brand (What works and what doesn't).
  • Social Media - How to use social media network effectively to build your business.
  • Info Product Creation - How to identify and choose a good domain name for your brand.
  • Internet Marketing & Consulting - Learn basic internet marketing strategies and how to become a local business consultant within your chosen niche.

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