"The passion that builds up within is better let out than allowed to die."
 ~ Otoabasi Umonting

This is a showcase of art in different media. The ability to express oneself through art is something that is sometimes hard to put to words, and only the artist knows what he or she feels when working on a piece. When the finished work is portrayed, the level of excitement cannot be measured by mere cheers and back patting, but by the acknowledgement of the fact that the artist is satisfied with what he or she has done. That alone is what I call accomplishment.

Art has been in our world for ages and we have all heard of amazing people with this rare talent; what they accomplished and the trials they went through to achieve what they achieved...some call it madness, others say it's just plain brilliance. I like to call it the power of creativity.

The purity of art lies in the mind of the artist, regardless of the dirt acquired in the process, thereby making what seemed shabby and distorted at first become refined and pleasant to look upon.

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